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About Zoo van Antwerpen
Zoo van Antwerpen was founded on July 21, 1843.
Since 1987 the zoo receives 1,1 million visitors every year. It offers it’s visitors 5000 animals of 769 species.

History of Giant Pandas in Antwerp
Zoo van Antwerpen had 2 giant pandas: Wan Wan & Xi Xi

After a long trip from Xian (with stops in Beijing and Tokyo), two giant pandas arrived at Brussels Airport in the early morning of May 28, 1987. The China Wildlife Conservation Association loaned these animals to the Zoo van Antwerpen. They stayed there in the lion-exhibit until September 28, 1987. The giant pandas Wan Wan & Xi Xi came from the Xian Zoo. Originally Xi Xi wasn’t expected in Belgium, but the only brown-white panda Dan Dan. But Dan Dan became pregnant from Wan Wan and stayed in China. Wan Wan and Xi Xi were not used to eachothers presence (a normal thing because giant pandas are solitary animals), for this reason the public could see only one giant panda at a time.

Zoo van Antwerpen Panda Logo

Wan Wan
Wan Wan (male) was born approximately in 1976. On January 16, 1977 he was found ill in the Foping Nature Reserve in the Shaanxi Province, China.

Xi Xi
Xi Xi (female) was born approximately in 1980. On April 12, 1986 she was found ill in the Foping Nature Reserve in the Shaanxi Province, China.

Zoo van Antwerpen Official Website: http://www.zooantwerpen.be/

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