One of 60000 Candidates

In August 2010, the Chengdu Panda Base & WWF were seeking six panda enthusiasts eager to engage in an adventure of a lifetime that will take them to the luxuriant mountains of the Sichuan basin. A rigorous process will select the most creative and committed participants that, for one year, will be the “world spokesperson” for the protection of giant pandas. You will act as photographer, videographer, journalist, scientist, and researcher in the course of one of the best months of your life!

I love watching pandas, I love to photograph them, I love to talk about them, I love to be with them, I really would love to work with them… So I immediately subscribed myself, I couldn’t miss this opportunity and made this video:

The Chengdu Panda Base would choose 60 people for the next stage and I was contacted by many media on the day they would release the names of the 60 candidates.

60 people were chosen from 60000 applicants from more than 52 countries for the second stage of the contest.
I received great news on September 6, 2010. I was one of the lucky 60!

12 people would be selected to go to China and we had one week to receive as much online votes. These online votes, together with the scores of 4 panda experts would decide who goes to China for a Pambassador Training.

The online voting ended on September 13, 2010 with this result:

李珮瑜Lisa Taipei 42021
Annelijn Steenbruggen Netherlands 38474
Ashley Robertson USA 38044
Jeroen Jacobs Belgium 36556
Anuwong Thailand 35548
David Algranti French 35311
Jennifer Croes Australia 34769
Chriszelda Pieterse South Africa 34369
Yumiko Kajiwara Japan 32947
黄西 China 32901
Annie Danielle Canada 32861
王郁文 China 32767
Jeremy Roberts USA 32748
Ali Shakorian Sweden 32465
王娟 China 31825
Christina USA 31642
Joanne L. Ignacio  Philipinnes 31450
Minami Fujioka Japan 31205
王立言 China 31086
Ugo Emprin French 29889
Rachel Leig USA 29828
Julie Courtois Canada 29767
胡迪 China 28974
李丹 China 28958
Ylenia Vimercati Molano Italy 28857
Blaise France 28662
Julien Ezri Switzerland 27400
陈岳 China 24935
Ana Heloisa de Carvalho Brazil 24144
Andre Battermann Germany 21381
Ellen Duister Netherlands 20766
Ellen Babeliowsky Belgium 19017
Andi Donahue USA 15544
Sarah Rojas USA 14869
Rabbi Khan Bangladesh 14720
Irushinie Ruwanthi Wedage Sri Lanka 14564
熊华军 China 14332
易玲 China 13413
吴梦祺 China 11120
曾莹莹 China 8146
杨佳莉 China 7913
Tine Vanwijnsberghe Belgium 6716
Julie Rodeyns Belgium 6154
Sarah Dace  USA 4898
Nicolas Van Beveren France 4403
Olivier Mandin France 2942
Jonathan Barret France 2931
Larrivoire Jeremie France 2604
Natalie Macam USA 1767
Veronique Laurin Canada 1665
Moussa Sène Canada 1563
Rachel Soh Singapore 1371
易筱 China 1244
Marian Hansen Norway 776
Wong Kai Chi SAR Hong Kong 719
Hanna Bergmann Germany 631
Sarah Potter UK 429
晏丝静 China 382
Lucile Chevalley Unknown 225
Disqualified China 0

One day later the votes of the Jury were counted and 12 very lucky people were selected to travel to Chengdu … and I was one of them!

I arrived in Chengdu on September 22, 2010 with the other Pambassadors.