Pandas in China

The giant panda is native to the mountainous temperate forests of southwest China. Due to farming and deforestation, the giant panda has been driven out of the lowland areas where it once lived. The most damaging result of development has been that it has divided the panda’s habitat into little islands of forest. Today, many pandas are isolated in these small sections of forest, because they will cross into areas where humans live.

China created protected areas and breeding centers for protecting the giant panda.
The country has 37 official panda protecting areas.

You can currently find giant pandas in the following zoos or breeding centers in mainland China:

Anhui Province:
* Hefei Wild Animal Park, Hefei
* Xiuning Giant Panda Ecological Park, Anhui

Beijing Municipalitie:
* Beijing Zoo, Beijing

Chongqing Municipalitie:
* Chongqing Zoo, Chongqing

Fujian Province:
* Fuzhou Panda World, Fuzhou

Gansu Province:
* Lanzhou Zoo, Lanzhou

Guangdong Province:
* Chimelong Safari Park, Guangzhou
* Guangzhou Zoo, Guangzhou
* Shenzhen Safari Park, Shenzhen

Guangxi Province:
* Guilin Qixing Park Zoo, Guilin
* Liuzhou Zoo, Liuzhou

Guizhou Province:
* Guizhou Forest Wild Animal Park, Guiyang

Hebei Province:
* Shijizhuang Zoo, Shijiazhuang

Henan Province:
* Anyang Zoological Garden, Anyang

Hubei Province:
* Wuhan Zoo, Wuhan
* Yichang Children’s Zoological Garden, Yichang

Hunan Province:
* Changsha Ecological Zoo, Changsha

Jiangsu Province:
* Dafeng Zoo, Yancheng
* Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo, Nanjing
* Taihu Everglade Park, Suzhou
* Tianmuhu Garden
* Wuxi Zoo, Wuxi
* Yangzhou Zoological Garden, Yangzhou

Jiangxi Province:
* Nanchang Zoo, Nanchang

Jilin Province:
* Northeast Tiger Garden, Changchun

Liaoning Province:
* Dalian Forest Zoo, Dalian

Shaanxi Province:
* SWARC, Louguantai

Shandong Province:
* Jinan Zoo, Jinan
* Jinbao Paradise, Weifang
* Linyi Botanical Garden, Linyi
* Liugongdao Park, Weihai
* Qingdao Zoological Gardens, Qingdao
* Xixiakou Wild Animal Park, Rongcheng
* Zibo Yunshan National Forest Park, Zibo

Shanghai Municipalitie:
* Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Shanghai
* Shanghai Zoo, Shanghai

Shanxi Province:
* Taiyuan Zoo, Taiyuan

Sichuan Province:
* Baoxing Education Center
* Chengdu Field Research Centre for Giant Pandas of CRBGPB, Du Jiang Yan
* Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu
* Chengdu Zoo, Chengdu
* Du Jiang Yan Base of CCRCGP, Du Jiang Yan
* Emei Xianzhzhujian Ecological Park, Leshan
* Geng Da Base of CCRCGP, Wolong
* He Tao Ping Base of CCRCGP, Wolong
* Langzhong Panda Paradise, Langzhong
* Sanjiang Ecological Tourism Zone, Aba
* Ya’an Bi Feng Xia Base of CCRCGP, Ya’an

Tianjin Municipalitie:
* Tianjin Fude Zoo, Tianjin
* Tianjin Zoological Park, Tianjin

Zhejiang Province:
* Anji Bamboo World, Anji
* Hangzhou Safari Park, Hangzhou
* Hangzhou Zoological Garden, Hangzhou
* Ningbo Zoological Garen, Ningbo
* Xiazhuhu National Everglade Park, Huzhou
* Wenling Changyu Dongtian Scenic Spot, Wenling
* Wenzhou Zoological Gardens, Wenzhou

SAR HongKong & SAR Macau received giant panda pairs as gifts from mainland China. Jia Jia, An An, Ying Ying & Le Le live at Ocean Park HongKong. Kai Kai & Xin Xin at Parque de Seac Pai Van in Macau.

Yuan Yuan, Tuan Tuan & Yuan Zai live at the Taipei Zoo in Tapei, Republic of China.

Top 10 Panda Habitats in China: