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Giant Panda Zoo History


• Discovery of the giant panda »

The french missionary Armand David introduced "the black and white bear from China" to the west in 1869.


• The first giant panda outside of China »

Su Lin arrived at the Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, U.S.A on Februari 8, 1937.


• Giant panda breeding »

Cubs were born in China, Mexico City, Madrid, Washington D.C. Tokyo, Nanki-Shirahama,

San Diego, Atlanta, Kobe, Vienna & Chiang Mai




San Francisco Zoo


San Francisco, U.S.A.


Giant Panda Zoo 1984-1985




San Francisco Zoo


San Francisco Zoo





History of Giant Pandas in San Francisco


San Francisco Zoo had 2 giant pandas: Ying Xin & Yun Yun


From October 30, 1984 until January 29, 1985 San Francisco Zoo had 2 giant pandas on loan from Beijing Zoo.





Ying Xin


Ying Xin (male) was born approximately in September 1981. He was captured in December 1981 in Pingwu. On October 28, 1982 he was transferred to Beijing Zoo. He died on May 30, 1988. 




Yun Yun


Yun Yun (female) was born approximately in September 1981. She was captured on January 22, 1982 in Baoting and was transferred to Beijing Zoo on October 12, 1982. She was loaned to Los Angeles Zoo, San Francisco Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Xian Zoo. She had 10 cubs (one of them is Ei Mei, who lives at Adventure World Shirahama, and she is also the grandmother of Ya Ya, who lives at Memphis Zoo). Since February 26, 2004 she lives at Tianjin Zoo.





The Present of San Francisco Zoo


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