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Giant Panda Zoo History


• Discovery of the giant panda »

The french missionary Armand David introduced "the black and white bear from China" to the west in 1869.


• The first giant panda outside of China »

Su Lin arrived at the Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, U.S.A on Februari 8, 1937.


• Giant panda breeding »

Cubs were born in China, Mexico City, Madrid, Washington D.C. Tokyo, Nanki-Shirahama,

San Diego, Atlanta, Kobe, Vienna & Chiang Mai




Brookfield Zoo


Chicago, U.S.A.


Official website: www.brookfieldzoo.org



Giant Panda Zoo 1937-1953




Brookfield Zoo


In 1920, Edith Rockefeller McCormick, familiar with the great modern Zoos of Europe, wished that Chicago might have one equally advanced and attractive. For this purpose, she generously donated a large land in Brookfield to the Cook County Forest Preserve District. The County Board added additional acreage to that plot and in 1921, the Chicago Zoological Society was established. Active construction of the Zoo began in 1926, after a zoo tax was approved. The Construction was retarded by the Great Depression. The Brookfield Zoo was formally opened on June 30, 1934.





History of Giant Pandas in Chicago


Brookfield Zoo had 3 giant pandas: Su Lin, Mei Mei & Mei Lan


The Brookfield Zoo was the first zoo in the world to have a giant panda.





Su Lin


Su Lin (male) was born approximately in September 1936.


He has studbook number 1.

His name means "A Little Bit of Something Precious" in Chinese.


He was captured by Ruth Harkness in the bamboo forests of the Szechuan mountains of southwestern China on November 9, 1936.


He was the first giant panda outside of China.


He came to the Brookfield Zoo on February 8, 1937.


Su Lin died of pneumonia on April 1, 1938.




Mei Mei


Mei Mei (male) was born approximately in September 1936.


He has studbook number 3.

His name means "Little Sister" in Chinese.


He was captured by Ruth Harkness in the Chinese Szechuan Province on December 18, 1937.


He came to the Brookfield Zoo on February 18, 1938.


Mei Mei died on August 3, 1942.




Mei Lan


Mei Lan (male) was born approximately in July 1938.


He has studbook number 10.


He was captured by the West China Union University Chengdu in the Chinese Szechuan Province in November 1938.


He came to the Brookfield Zoo on November 16, 1939.


Mei Lan died on September 5, 1953.





The Present of Brookfield Zoo


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